Saturday, November 10, 2018

Jose Andreas' World Central Kitchen

Had a chance to recently meet "THE MAN" who spearheads World Central Kitchen for victims of disaster when and where ever they are in need ~ Jose Andreas! So pleased to shake his hand and to thank this gentleman for all that he has done. A true inspiration.

Jose Andreas | World Central Kitchen

Monday, July 30, 2018

Greenhut Galleries' Artists Talk with David Driskell, Daniel Minter and Henry John Drewal

"A Conversation with Artists David Driskell and Daniel Minter"
Moderated by Henry John Drewal
Hosted by Greenhut Galleries
Portland Maine
July 26, 2018

"Thank you to Greenhut Galleries for hosting this beautiful artist talk with David Driskill, Daniel Minter and Henry John Drewal."

Sunday, July 1, 2018

"AMERICA NOW: A DIALOGUE" Portland Public Library, through July 21, 2018

 “It’s an incredibly important show in these times and a chance to reflect on what America means to us and what it means to be an American,” Bellows said. “I hope this show helps people reflect – and perhaps to act.” (Shenna Bellows, executive director of the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine) ~ Bob Keyes, "Feeling Desperate Artists Respond to the Times in America Now", July 8, 2018

"The art of "America Now" tells us that unless we can live in harmony with one another and with nature we are doomed." ~ Edgar Allen Beem, "America Now and Then: Art in Times of Crisis"

"The (America Now) exhibition is full of images that capture and comment on America’s anxiety sown by divisions across race, class, gender and politics. “America Now” reflects that anger and angst, while providing moments of empathy and humanity that connect people and offer hope for bridging the divides. In a world filled with contention, where respectful dialogue is elusive, “America Now” offers an opportunity for conversation." ~ Bob Keyes, "The Artists Are Restless" Portland Press Herald, October 29, 2017

2018 Mary Becker Weiss

Artist’s Statement:
“A piece of artwork can stop traffic.
Can make you think.
Rise above the noise.
Make you act.
Make it impossible to forget.
Make it impossible to walk away.”
~ Mary Becker Weiss 10.20.2017

Saturday, March 24, 2018

"UPWARD AND ON" Now on display at Dog Bar Jim Coffee Shop in Brunswick

Now on display at Dog Bar Jim Coffee Shop!

I'm in very good company at DBJ! with glorious kitsch, vintage ephemera and a continuous Seinfeld loop. Thanks Ben and Lisa for a great way to start each morning! Make your way to DBJ at 90 Union Street for the best cup of coffee in town. Coffee cake slices the size of a Buick. A breakfast burrito called "Machaca Monday" to die for. And then there's Ben...

"Woman Soul will leadeth us
upward and on." ~ Goethe

My work in creating abstracts from my early drawings and adaptation to the unpredictability of encaustics has encouraged me to loosen the reins and to actually let go of the reins altogether in trying to control the outcome of each piece. There have been happy surprises as a result, which may be a metaphor for life. ~ MBW



Abstracts from Early Drawings
© Mary Becker Weiss

  • "This is pensive, smiling magic." ~ KT
  • "You are full of surprises." ~ JF
  • "Lovely, fine ~ deep." ~ SM
  • "Your art work has made a lasting impression on me." ~ RA
  • "Hey, man, you're definitely into border violation!"