Saturday, March 24, 2018

"UPWARD AND ON" Now on display at Dog Bar Jim Coffee Shop in Brunswick

Now on display at Dog Bar Jim Coffee Shop!

I'm in very good company at DBJ! with glorious kitsch, vintage ephemera and a continuous Seinfeld loop. Thanks Ben and Lisa for a great way to start each morning! Make your way to DBJ at 90 Union Street for the best cup of coffee in town. Coffee cake slices the size of a Buick. A breakfast burrito called "Machaca Monday" to die for. And then there's Ben...

"Woman Soul will leadeth us
upward and on." ~ Goethe

My work in creating abstracts from my early drawings and adaptation to the unpredictability of encaustics has encouraged me to loosen the reins and to actually let go of the reins altogether in trying to control the outcome of each piece. There have been happy surprises as a result, which may be a metaphor for life. ~ MBW



Abstracts from Early Drawings
© Mary Becker Weiss

  • "This is pensive, smiling magic." ~ KT
  • "You are full of surprises." ~ JF
  • "Lovely, fine ~ deep." ~ SM
  • "Your art work has made a lasting impression on me." ~ RA
  • "Hey, man, you're definitely into border violation!"

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