Sunday, October 2, 2016

Abstract art is created by the untalented....

"Abstract art is created by the untalented,
sold by the unscrupulous 
to the utterly bewildered." ~ Albert Camus

"And Still I Believe That Love Will Last"
© Mary Becker Weiss

My new work in creating abstracts from my early drawings and adaptation to the unpredictability of encaustics has encouraged me to loosen the reins and to actually let go of the reins altogether in trying to control the outcome of each piece. There have been happy surprises as a result, which may be a metaphor for life. ~ MBW


Abstracts 2010 - 2016 © Mary Becker Weiss

  • "This is pensive, smiling magic." ~ KT
  • "You are full of surprises." ~ JF
  • "Lovely, fine ~ deep." ~ SM
  • "Your art work has made a lasting impression on me." ~ RA
  • "Hey, man, you're definitely into border violation!"
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