Saturday, November 10, 2018

"I didn't hear them. I didn't hear a thing..." ~ DT 2017.01.22

"Women's March on Washington" 2017.01.21 Matt Sesow
Paint Therapy of Matt Sesow

To be continued...

2019 Women's March on Washington DC 1.19.19

The size of the crowd the night before the 2019 Women's March in DC was unpredictable. Within a couple of hours on the morning of the 19th, crowds were emerging onto the Freedom Plaza from all directions. An exuberant diverse crowd of individuals who spoke their own truths with great passion and energy. Not everyone agreed with each other's positions, but nevertheless found a way to embrace their differences and speak to them without hostility or malice. Like the first Women's March on January 2017, it was a positive, energetic display of democracy in its glory.

To be continued....and continued!

"Time Will Pass"  2019 Mary Becker Weiss Quote by Anton Chekhov
"Time Will Pass"
Archival Pigment Print on Birch Panel 
2019 Mary Becker Weiss

Quote by Anton Chekhov

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