Thursday, December 17, 2015

Peace from Kyoto : New Years Eve near the Yasaka Shrine

Without fail, the people we met in Kyoto were warm, congenial and full of life. New Years Eve was extraordinary as we made our way through the streets toward the temple for the traditional bell ringing to welcome the new year. Unforgettable!

Some of us had to work harder than others to make our way up to the Yasaka Shrine for the New Years Eve bell ringing. As we made our way past the street festival and the shrine to the stairway above, I heard the most enchanting music. 

As I climbed higher and distanced myself from the noise of the crowd, I realized that it had become quiet but for a lone flutist whose music mesmerized his little sleeping dog at his feet. Dear moment. 

We climbed farther to ascend the stairway to one of the spectacles in Kyoto which is indescribable ~ the late afternoon sunlight coming through the forest of bamboo trees towering hundreds of feet in the air. Like a prayer.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Street Theater : Graffiti : New York City

Around New York City there is graffiti that is breathtaking. Here is a sample on an interior garage wall that I was able to catch in the West Village. I hear that it is gone now, buried between walls. Here today gone tomorrow. (Developers had their way yet again....)

"The Bad Seed" Graffiti in NYC, Artist Unknown

Monday, August 24, 2015

"Shhh! ~ He's Coming Back," and "He Didn't Mean It" for Harlow Exhibition "It Takes a Community: Transforming Violence II"

October 2 - 24, 2015
Opening Reception: 
October 2, 2015, 5 - 8 p.m.

"Shhh! ~ He's Coming Back" © 2015.10.02 Mary Becker Weiss

"He Didn't Mean It" © 2015.10.02 Mary Becker Weiss

"Shhh! ~ He's Coming Back," "He Didn't Mean It" and "Sans Carapace" are three of my submissions accepted for Harlow Gallery's "It Takes A Community: Transforming Violence II Exhibition" which is scheduled for October 2-24, 2015. I know it's early yet, but I wanted to encourage everyone to do what they can to rally around this important exhibition, which will help support Harlow Gallery and the Family Violence Project.

"Sans Carapace" 2015.10.02 Mary Becker Weiss