Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Equal Protection of the Laws : The 14th Amendment : September 22 - December 16, 2016

Equal Protection of the Laws:
The Harlow Gallery in Partnership
with The Holocaust and Human Rights Center
On View September 22 - December 16, 2016
Michael Klahr Center
UMA @ Augusta

"Equal Justice" 
2016.09.22 Mary Becker Weiss

Themes depicted in this Exhibition relate to many areas of American society covered by the 14th Amendment, including due process, liberty, gender and sexuality, race, legal protections, equality in the workplace, housing, education, law enforcement, rights of the incarcerated, tolerance, local, state and federal representation. This exhibition is made possible in part by support from the Maine Arts Commission and the Maine Humanities Council.

Participating artists:
Augusta: Anthony Austin
Bangor: Jeanne Curran
Biddeford: Roland Salazar
Brunswick: Mary Becker Weiss
Camden: Claudia Noyes Griffiths
Falmouth: Anne Strout
Gardiner: Allison McKeen
Hallowell: Nancy Bixler
Lincolnville: Petrea Noyes
Manchester: Bruce Armstrong
Solon: Ramona du Houx
Tenants Harbor: Otty Merrill
Town Unknown: Julian Johnson
Waterville: Jen Hickey
West Rockport: Barbra Whitten
Wilton: Rebecca Spilecki
Winslow: Mimi McCutcheon

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  1. Update: In Brunswick's sister rally with the Women's March on Washington, a virulent trucker passed me on Maine Street near Park Row, examined my equal protection sign and threw me the finger on his way out of town. OMG, can you think of anything more exhilarating?