Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Love (and compassion) are the only engines for survival." ~ Leonard Cohen

Detail of “Peace and Struggle” Mural 
by Anas "Andy" Shallal 
Busboys & Poets, Washington DC

This mural takes the viewer on a journey through the civil rights movement. Some of the faces and events you see on the wall represent the struggles and triumphs of that period. The word “PEACE” at the center of the mural held by women suffragists and peace activists from the Women’s Peace Party provides a focal point for the room. At the top of the mural are the words of Langston Hughes’s poem, “Let America Be America Again.” This poem represents the hopes and aspirations of a true democracy.

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    "In light of the devastating result of this week’s presidential election, I have created a website at which encourages everyone's involvement to do all the good you can. Don’t give up. On inauguration day, (lower case intended,) please channel your grief toward making your community, and this country, a better, kinder, more generous place. Let’s perform acts of service great and small, and make it a day to remember. Love will always trump hate in my book."
    Hugs to all,